Your unique e-bike experience in the Val d’Orcia

Before setting off on a tour or travelling with an e-bike, we ask you to take a brief test of a few minutes to try out the bicycles. This will allow you to enjoy your experience in the Val d’Orcia to the fullest.

Other things you should know:

1Is it necessary to pedal on an e-bike?
Yes, our e-bikes have assisted pedaling. This means that if you do not pedal, assisted pedaling will not be activated.
2How fast can I ride with an e-bike?
In theory there is no maximum speed on an e-bike: however, the motor will stop providing support once you have reached a speed of 25 km/h: beyond that limit you will have to pedal without assistance.
3For how many kilometres and for how long can I use an e-bike?
With our e-bikes you can pedal and use the energy produced by the battery for over 4 hours and ride for approximately 70 kilometres.
4Do I need to wear a helmet on an e-bike?
For your safety you must always wear a helmet when you are riding an e-bike. If you do not have your own helmet, Valdorcia e-bike will give you a certified helmet, included in the rental.
5 Does my e-bike need to be insured?
According to the current regulations insurance is not mandatory, Valdorcia e-bike offers insurance coverage only in the event in which the damage suffered by the client or caused to third parties is caused by a malfunction of the bicycle.
6Do I need a license to drive an e-bike?
A license is not required, anyone can ride our e-bikes without age limits (including accompanied children).

Rental terms and conditions

Article 1
In order to rent an e-bike the Customer must present a valid ID document to the Rental Company. The ID will be kept by the Rental Company for the duration of the rental.
Article 2
The use of an e-bike requires physical fitness and technical expertise of the person intending to ride it. Therefore the Customer, when renting an e-bike, declares that he/she is fully capable and competent, without reserves. Inadequate physical conditions which could create health problems while using the bicycle must be communicated immediately to the Rental Company who may decide not to rent the bicycle.
Article 3
The Customer is responsible for the e-bike until it is returned to the Rental Company. He is also responsible for damage caused to himself, the electric bicycle, third parties and things during the rental. During the rental, the Customer is not covered by any form of insurance linked to the activity provided by the Rental Company, nor is the e-bike covered by third party insurance. The rental company offers an insurance coverage only if the damage that the customer suffers or causes to third parties is caused by the malfunction of the bicycle and not from an incorrect, imprudent or negligent use of it.
Article 4
In case of damage caused to the e-bike, the Rental Company will charge the Customer for the expenses incurred to repair the e-bike and its accessories by its technicians. In the event of theft, the Customer must submit to the Rental Company a copy of the report made to the competent bodies, refund the Rental Company the amount equal to the commercial value of the e-bike. The amount will be returned in case the e-bike is recovered or found.